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Furniture To Bathroom

furniture to bathroom

Bathroom design and feng shui

Bathroom design and  feng shui

Bathrooms are always problematic in feng shui. Houses with bathrooms at their center are the worst feng shui imaginable. The center is related to health and having a bathroom there is like flushing away all the good energy.
If you can see the toilet as soon as you open the bathroom door, try changing the hinges on the door so that it opens the other way. That keeps the worst energy from assaulting someone as they enter.

There are differing opinions on the best colors in a bathroom. Some suggest pale greens and blues or blacks, whites and metallic colors. Stay away from reds, pinks and oranges, because those are fire colors which conflict with the water aura of a bathroom. In this bathroom the wall is in peach. That way, when you look in the mirror in the morning, the reflection in the mirror will make your skin look healthy and glowing.
It’s important to keep the toilet lid down (Hear that, men?) because it keeps the good energy from being sucked out of the room.
Whether you believe in the power of positive chi or you just like the look of the furniture placement, the philosophy behind feng shui is one of balance and harmony — things that go well in any home.

bathroom storage

bathroom storage

there's very minimum storage space in my bathroom (as in actual bathroom, not just toilet, for those of you who also call a toilet a bathroom) so i got one of these over-the-toilet shelving things to give me some more practical places to put stuff. there are actually some small shelves behind the bathroom door over the top of the laundry chute, but they're a bit of a pain to get to, so this was a good solution.

this style has telescopic poles at the top pushed up to the celing with large springs inside the tubing. i chose this style for here because i could just imagine smiley trying to climb up or in some other way end up pulling the free-standing shelves down on top of himself.

it's from howards storage world, one of my other favourite storage/furniture places where i walk in & think, "ooooh. i'll have one of everything!"

furniture to bathroom

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