Antique bedroom furniture. Amish furniture company. Preschool furniture and equipment.


Antique bedroom furniture. Amish furniture company. Preschool furniture and equipment.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

antique bedroom furniture

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

This is the top of my roll top desk. Jammed packed with all kinds of vintage crap! Just the way I like it!

I underexposed the film a little and I had only one light source with a very orangy bulb in to get this color effect.

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

shot of my Webcor record player, my 1920s floor lamp and 1950s curtains.

I underexposed the film a little and I had only one light source with a very orangy bulb in to get this color effect.

antique bedroom furniture

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and furniture legs

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Bush Furniture Tv Stand

bush furniture tv stand

bush furniture tv stand - Bush Furniture

Bush Furniture Universal Large TV Stand, High Gloss Black

Bush Furniture Universal Large TV Stand, High Gloss Black

Designed to complement the style and finish of today's electronic components, the Universal Collection is the ultimate contemporary choice for entertainment furniture.

Sleek and sophisticated, Bush Furniture's Universal TV/VCR video base provides a striking modern display for today's 62-inch flat-panel televisions (it accommodates most up to 165 pounds), plus several peripherals. The sturdy metal frame consists of wide, flat posts in a minimalist, open design with a high-gloss black finish. Three black tempered-glass shelves rest on vibration-dampening pads for improved sound quality, and double back spines provide both extra stability and wire concealment with their round grommets. The video base measures 58 inches wide by 20-1/2 inches deep by 22-9/10 inches high and has been tested for tip-free safety. Adjustable levelers help to keep this piece even on any floor. Assembly is required, and instructions and a toll-free customer help line are included. Six-year warranty. --Kara Karll

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Bijutsu Techo ???? December, 2005, 2005?12??, "Yoko Ono interview - SKY TV for HOKKAIDO We're All Water" - 4

Bijutsu Techo ???? December, 2005, 2005?12??, "Yoko Ono interview - SKY TV for HOKKAIDO We're All Water" - 4

2005, 2005?12??
Vol. 57
No. 873

"?????? ?????????? SKY TV for HOKKAIDO We're All Water"
121 - 124?


Bijutsu Techo
December, 2005
Vol. 57
No. 873

"Yoko Ono Emergent visiting Japan interview SKY TV for HOKKAIDO We're All Water"
Page 121 - 124


-- Page 121

Emergent visiting Japan interview
Yoko Ono
"Is there an art that can be a match for the beauty of the sky?"
We're All Water

Two photos above: From "SKY TV for HOKKAIDO" (2005)
The live image of the Tokachi sky will be projected on fifteen TV monitors which
were installed inside the deserted house where the family of a farmer who developed
the area used to live in Tokachi, Hokkaido
Right: "Cloud Piece" (2005)
Left" Yoko Ono who came to Japan to produce "BLUE ROOM EVENT" in the

pp121 - 123 Photo Yoshihiro Hasegawa Courtesy P3 art and environment

-- Page 122 - 124

The clouds are dripping from the sky
and the water reflects the sky

Interview by Kiyoshi Kusumi of Bijutsu Techo

As a part of the project of "Tokachi Millennium Forest" whose plan it is to
permanently set up the modern art, by slowly developing it, against the
background of the magnificent nature in Hokkaido, Yoko Ono came to
Japan and completed "SKY TV for HOKKAIDO" (produce = P3). She
installed "SKY TV", "Wish Tree", "Cloud Piece" in a deserted house where
the family of a farmer used to live and she also produced "Blue Room
Event" inside the house. I interviewed her 3 days later on October 5th, 2005.

- How was the artwork installation in Tokachi?

YO: The Millennium Forest is so wonderful; there are people who are very
interested in environmental problems. The house I put "SKY TV" in is an old
house, almost crumbling; however, I thought that that was fascinating. Because
when I made it originally (1966), there was really nothing in my NY apartment. The
windows were smokey glass and I could not see outside; it was such an apartment.
Then I came up with the idea of 'Blue Room" and wrote down "This window is 2000
feet" at the window. That's how I made my realities one after another and I was in the
position that I had to make my own realities. I wanted to see the sky, but I could
not see it from my window. With such a destiny, I came up with the
idea of "SKY TV" by bringing the sky into my room.

- For your work that films the sky with a live camera and projects it
on the television in the room, I think that everyone is now able to confront
the concept, not the system, because the video technology is now
prevalent and commonplace.

YO: The conceptual world or the world of ideas in art are more realistic than one
may think. After that (the production of "SKY TV") when I was in London, there
was a very heavy, unmovable, ugly piece of furniture in the middle of the room (of
my flat) and I thought of putting the message there that said, "This is not here."
"This is not here" vs. "This is here". Whenever I changed the messages, the
realities disappeared, as if the light must blink.
After all, the world of ideas is to be created by ourselves. Like "War Is Over! If
you want it" or "Imagine", we can continuously create our own future that way.
We have the power to create our own future. In order to believe that (that we have
that power), there is "Wish Tree". A big obelisk called "Peace tower" will be built in
Iceland in the future, and I will put all the wishes that everybody wrote for "Wish Tree"
in it. Then, the sign "I Love You" wi

The Bar Part I

The Bar Part I

While drinking a mug of beer after a long day`s haul on the road, Earl sees a news story on TV that makes him yank his head out of that cold frosty mug. He stares up at the TV and listens:

"When I was sojourning in London, I had to repeatedly distinguish myself apart from those illiterate inbred stupid redneck losers down there in the Jesusland Red States who voted one of their ilk back into the oval office. I was ashamed of being an American, embarrassed really. I cant believe that 51% of Americans are comprised of these inbred, redneck, war-mongering, George Bush loving, sh*t kicking retards and I was constantly having to apologize to the "rational" world community for our colonialistic, war-mongering actions as well as for all the past wrongs our backwardass country inflicted on the citizens of this world. It reached a point of exhaustion for me having to apologize all the time. That`s why me and my domestic partner, Katie, created the Black and Blue wrist band to show the world that we supported John Kerry and to let the world community know that me and others like me tried..... We tried to elect a real man with intelligence, character, morals and with the understanding that the United States is part of the world community and should not impart it`s diplomacy as it sees fit. Alas, we failed you all and with that, I`m so sorry, we are all sorry -- please forgive us!!!!"

Leroy looks away from the TV to Earl:

"Hey, Earl! Did ya hear that crap? The audacity of that lady thinkin` she should say she`s sorry for bein` an American. I`ll tell ya sumthin, Earl, that bull dyke there is wound tighter than a spool of baling wire. I`ll tell ya, Earl, she don`t need no wrist band, she needs to lose that girlfriend there and get rode hard and put away wet by a Texan rodeo cowboy! Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwww! I`ll tell ya sumthin`, Earl, when a gal don`t get that special lovin` by a real man, she tends to lose her mind and go crazy! Pent up frustration is all that is there, I guaranDAMNtee ya -- just pent up frustration!"

"Leroy, with a face like the dawgs have been hiding her under the porch, there ain`t no man that can get that drunk to even remotely consider hiding the horn with her. Hell, not even a blind man would, cuz once he felt her unshaved legs, smelt her body odor and the stench of that vegan seaweed chick pea crap they eat, on her breath, he`ll find his eyesight real quick and get the hell out of Dodge!"

"Hey Earl, what`s a chick pea?"

"Oh, Leroy, that`s a pea, but it`s brown. A brown pea. It`s what those towel heads in 7-Eleven eat all the time. That`s why their skin turns brown and makes `em stink thatta way."

"Why in the hell would anyone want to eat sumthin that makes `em stink like a cow pasture on hot summer day? Oh, hell, I`d rather be neck deep in manure than eat my Big Bite next to that stinky dottie head, making the coffee down there at 7-Eleven. Oh, but that Punjab is a gentlemen though. Nicest man around, too bad he stinks."

"Leroy, they don`t know they stink, they all smell the same to each other. Ya know like when we go deer huntin` at the cabin? We don`t bathe cuz we don`t want the deer to smell perfumey soaps, but when we come back to the wives they wont let us in the house unless we take the garden hose to ourselves. We don`t know we stink cuz we are in it, but the wives notice the stink cuz they ain`t in it."

"Hehehehe, yeah, Earl, Lenora can`t stand it when I stink up the house after huntin`, and ohhhh man she really gets her panties all in a bunch when the ticks start jumpin` off on the furniture. Hehehehehe"

"As for why they eat chick peas, Leroy, they`re not allowed to eat cow. The cow is like a sacred god or sumthin. Ummmmmm........ Oh, I remember now, they think their dead folk come back to life as cows, and if they kill a cow, they kill some kin."

"Killing some kin? What on God`s green earth would make `em think that? I don`t ever recall hearin` that in the Gospels"

"Well, they don`t believe in Jesus there, Leroy, haven`t ya noticed you don`t see `em at church on Sunday?"

(TO BE CONTINUED...... Second half of Part 1 follows right after this message)

bush furniture tv stand

bush furniture tv stand

Cognac Widescreen TV Stand Cognac Maple Veneer

Bush Furniture Riverwood Collection widescreen TV stand is constructed of top quality engineered wood with Cognac Maple finished veneer.TV stand features tempered glass doors that provide dustfree component storage, selfclosing European style hinges, an open center section for center channel speakers, three adjustable shelves, and three drawers for miscellaneous storage. Accommodates most 36'' conventional TVs up to 240 lbs. and 60" flat panel TVs up to 154 lbs. Back openings provide easy cord access and wire management. Tested for tip stability with your safety in mind.Ships ready to assemble.

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Davis furniture manufacturer - Buy kathy ireland furniture - Furniture refinishing costs.

Davis Furniture Manufacturer

davis furniture manufacturer

davis furniture manufacturer - Furniture Marketing:

Furniture Marketing: Product, Price, and Promotional Policies of Manufacturers

Furniture Marketing: Product, Price, and Promotional Policies of Manufacturers

The author presents a comprehensive picture of the furniture manufacturer's marketing policies and the framework of the industry out of which marketing policies evolve. He thoroughly investigates and critically analyzes the existing marketing policies of the industry and furnishes data on the industry's profitability.

A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

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Leadenhall Baptist Church

Leadenhall Baptist Church

After the Civil War, a large number of black Baptists migrated to Baltimore. This church was organized in 1872 by black Baptists of the Sharp-Leadenhall area, with the help of the Maryland Baptist Union Association. It is the second oldest church building in Baltimore continuously occupied by the same black congregation. The neighboring areas of Sharp-Leadenhall and Otterbein are rich in black history, but many of the buildings which housed the people and institutions intimately assocated with the advancement of blacks since the Civil War have been demolished. Leadenhall Baptist Church is one of the rare survivors.
The church was designed and built by Joseph B. Thomas and Son, Baptists and local manufacturers of building materials and furniture. The Thomas family commissions included the City Council chambers of Baltimore City Hall (George A. Frederick, architect, 1867-75), and the interiors of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (now Metropolitan United Methodist, Frank E. Davis, 1874) and First English Lutheran Church (now New Shiloh Baptist, Frank E. Davis, 1874).
The original appearance of the church is recorded in the 1885 engraving shown above.

Spencer Davis signed my guitar

Spencer Davis signed my guitar

So Spencer Davis (of the Spencer Davis Group - "Gimme Some Lovin'" etc.) came into our office, as he tends to do. What with all the guitars just lying around in there, I volunteered mine to be signed. It already has three signatures (to be revealed later this year once all the press is done), and his is certainly worth having, given the number of great songs he has written over the years.

He was ever so polite, and explained that he was Welsh, which was nice of him.

I told him that his songs were part of the soundtrack of my life (except of course i didn't use that phrase, I was much less eloquent in person). He was very modest and thanked me for bothering to listen.

He took quite an interest in this guitar, which is an Alesis X-Guitar.

It plays really well, which is lucky; but the real appeal of this particular guitar lies in its built in digital effects. It's all there in the guitar. You can plug yer headphones in and riff away to your heart's content and never disturb anyone. I loves it. And it was $150.

So there you have it.

Spencer Davis in the office, guitar signed, good bloke.

davis furniture manufacturer

davis furniture manufacturer

Davis's Q&A for the NCLEX-RN® Examination

Based on the new NCLEX-RN® Test Plan!A complete roadmap to NCLEX-RN® success! Three distinct sections in the book plus a bonus CD-ROM show you the way.Step 1 is an orientation and review of test-taking strategies with guidance for international and repeat test-takers. Step 2 consists of 60 practice tests over six chapters, all with NCLEX descriptors. Each chapter corresponds to one the exam's major subject areas, fundamentals, medical-surgical, ob/newborn, pediatric, mental health, and gerontological nursing. Each chapter also features specialized, stand-alone tests for pharmacology, management of care, and cultural diversity.Step 3 is two comprehensive exams that test mastery of all subject areas covered in the book and on the NCLEX-RN. Click Here for a Special Mail-In Rebate Offer CD-ROM in book is PC Compatible. Mac version available upon requestContact Customer Service1-800-323-3555.

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Fine Furniture Crafters : Cheap Rv Furniture : Scandinavian Furniture Mn

Fine Furniture Crafters

fine furniture crafters

Lyptus & Oak Liquid Candle Holder

Lyptus & Oak Liquid Candle Holder

The wood used for this ultra-pure liquid candle holder is a lamination of Lyptus and Oak. Once the desired form of the pillar is turned and the hole to receive the candle is drilled, the pillar is fine sanded using grits from 120 to 600. The wood is then seal coated with a laquer sanding sealer. Afterward, multiple coats of a gloss brushing laquer are applied and then a coat of carnabu wax is buffed on. The finish brings out the woods natural grain and ensures many years of use. The bottom is then covered with felt so as not to scratch your furniture.

An Ultra-Pure Liquid candle fits into this candle holder. The Liquid Candle insert burns for aproximetly one hour. You can purchase replacments at a variety of stores including walmart, target, and craft related stores. I include one liquid candle with every purchase and extras are available.

CherryTea Light Candle Holder

CherryTea Light Candle Holder

T-light holders are a different process than the liquid candle holders in that the lamination is orientated horizontally rather than vertically. Two pieces of 3.5" squares are used to laminate these blanks. In this case, two pieces of cherry. The blank is then turned round and a desired profile added to the edge. A depression in the top of the holder is then turned to receive the glass holder for the T-light.

The holder is then fine sanded using grits from 120 to 600. The wood is then seal coated with a laquer sanding sealer. Afterward, multiple coats of a gloss brushing laquer are applied and then a coat of carnabu wax is buffed on. The finish brings out the woods natural grain and ensures many years of use. The bottom is then covered with felt so as not to scratch your furniture.

fine furniture crafters

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Furniture Leg Leveler

furniture leg leveler

Indy 500 Signed Gladiator WorkBench

Indy 500 Signed Gladiator WorkBench

Help support Breast Cancer research and own a piece of racing history with a workbench from Gladiator GarageWorks.

Signed by all 33 drivers from the 2009 Indianapolis 500, the 6-foot wide workbench features a solid maple top and room below to dock up to two Gladiator cabinets underneath. Race fans and car collectors alike will appreciate the heavy-duty steel frame that supports the 1 3/4" thick top and features leveler legs to accommodate uneven floors.

The signatures, placed in order of their qualifying positions, have been protected with a layer of polyurethane so you can enjoy the workbench as a keepsake or put it to work in the garage as a real workbench. Proceeds benefit

The auction will take place on from August 21 – September 20, 2009.

Stern did not use leg levelers on these cabs, so the sides were chipped away after years of being dragged and sitting on a damp floor.

furniture leg leveler

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